Presidents Desk



By Ms Qegu – President Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy

• Master of Ceremonies – Ms Thokoza Mjo
• Mr Johan Laurens Principal of Queens High School and your staff
• Eye of the Tiger Executives, Coaches
• Members of the A and B teams – Eye of the Tiger
• Mitchell Adriaanse and Jomo Mhlanga Captains of the Eye of the Tiger two teams
• All Sponsors Present
• Guests and Friends present

Post 1956 Women’s March, all women of South Africa young and old will continue to find a meaningful role for themselves to take the South African Society forward.

Today is a day where we have to honour all those women who sacrificed in order for women of today to enjoy the privileges we are enjoying presently. To all women present here today, HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY.
It is a great honour for me to Welcome all of you in this first event of the Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy. I am truly humbled by your presence, to take time off your busy schedules to come and listen to the vision of the Eye of the Tiger.

What you are witnessing today is culmination of two and half years of consultation process, networking, research, and building of relations. We also did road shows to some of our current federations, and several meetings with SARU to ensure that they are aware of the initiative. Our real objective is to ensure that the Eye of the Tiger can contribute in shaping the talents of these young players in order for them to reach their pinnacle in the field of Rugby.

The Eye of the Tiger would like to play a positive and constructive role in order to meaningfully contribute to the growth of rugby in South Africa.

Ladies and gentlemen these young men you see before us have been here at Queens from different Provinces for 4 days, to show case their skills to the coaches for purposes of today’s selection process. Today they have played two games against Queens High School for 10h00 oclock. This is what has caused the slight delay because they had to go and shower first before coming here. Well Done boys.

Production started as they stepped out of their busses to ensure that we capture every moment of their stay and training sessions in order to build the profile of each player that has been part of the training clinic.

• The Eye of the tiger through this production will create clear footages of each player for future marketing purposes.
• The culmination has been these two teams you see in front of us today. Let’s give them a round of applause.
• These two squads are young, which demonstrates a brighter future for S.A’ s rugby.
• Although we have Gauteng group present here the bulk of this squad come from the rural parts of our country, e.g Border, Eastern Province, Former Transkei and Middleburg Cape, The Cape Town group from the Boland areas and Limpopo which areas are regarded as the poorest in the country. To me this is a real significant step in the development of South African Rugby which demonstrates true representation of South Africa’s demographics, and this means that, this team is a strategic fit for the nation and therefore together in your diversity you are bound to be a successful teams.

What is next for EOTT? The work of the Eye of the Tiger is cut out clearly from now onwards. These two teams will be called the Eye of the Tiger. Opportunities for playing have already been established and friendly games will start immediately. These friendly games will be a build up to the Launch of the Eye of the Tiger. In two weeks time the Executive will meet to firm up the programme of the two teams and launch committee.

The programme will include:
• Playing the game
• Building Super Rugby Athletes for the Future
• Home Programme for the boys
• Programme for EOTT festival
• Building the Website

Our message from the Executive to all of you ” Boys” is :
Rugby is a global game, it is big, live and exciting you must live up to it. “Go Tigers Go”

This Executive will work hard to open all opportunities available to make you play the game of Rugby to your satisfaction both locally and globally. We believe that if you do not use it you loose it , no matter how talented you are.

You already have what it takes , because you are young energetic and talented, please turn that around to make it work for you. You are the Tiger animal. Tigers “TAKE IT BEYOND THE LINE” your slogan is not by mistake you must know where the line is .

We want to see the future Ndungane’s in you , the Quad Coopers, Dan Carters, Sonny Bill Williams and Jonah Lomu’s. Through you we want to see a generation of Top Rugby Athletes that could be exceptional for the world to choose from.

To all our Sponsors on an individual basis, the role you have played up to today is applauded, it will be written well ,down in the history of the Eye of the Tiger and the country. You have been brave, really fearless and exceptional, putting your money where your mouth is.

Before I conclude I would like to remind all of us that this event happens at a special time in World Rugby Calendar because this is the year of the World Cup. The Eye of the Tiger would like to Wish Captain John Smit and his team the Former World Rugby Champions success in the coming World Cup in New Zealand. We want to see the Web Ellis Trophy back home. The Eye of the Tiger’s inspiration come from knowing that the best Rugby team in the World comes from our country.

To everybody who has been involved in putting this event together Well Done. To Queens High School and Mercury Communications our partners, thank you very much but the work has just began.

I would like to acknowledge the special contribution of the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts and Culture to enable this event. Special acknowledgement to the lady who gave us the name Eye of the Tiger, Ms Elaine Johns. We love our name, we will work tirelessly to build our brand, the vibrant, fearless, thinking animal. We eat it fresh.

“Go Tiger Go” I thank you.