New baby on the block takes it all

The newly established Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy team took a clean sweep at the Lion’s Soweto Rugby Tournament with 45/5 win over their opponent in the finals and snatching all the awards. The young energetic, stylish and skilled rugby boys went into the tournament as underdogs, all young and unknown. Their paces were impressive from their first to the last game of the tournament. They run like a lightning. Morne Steyn has his equal with the 20 year old Oliver Zono who snatched the Award of the Best Player of the Tournament. With Oliver, kicking come as a natural. He never hesitated to kick the ball to where it supposed to be.

Ryan Julies, who walked with both Awards as Best Scorer of the Tournament and Best Backline took every opportunity to get to the try line throughout the tournament. Victor Seketekete won the Best Forward for the Tournament, the only comment you heard in the tournament was that they run like a helicopter and Victor Seketekete stands taller than Victor Matfield.

Mandilakhe Zaze kept the audience guessing as to what next is he coming up with in the field, becoming the Quad Cooper of the Tigers, exciting, fresh and different game of rugby was truly experienced with the Tiger boys. Congratulations are all due to them and their coaches. Thank you to Prasa the main sponsor of the Eye of the Tiger for the Tournament.
The Eye of the Tiger Rugby academy whose sole purpose is to develop black players in the country in the sport of rugby is excited at this opportunity to showcase its talent. The young team and new in the scene is positive about their win and highly enthusiastic for the future games.

Although the Eye of the Tiger Academy players are new in the scene and first time competitors I think that they are strong contenders for future Rugby in the country, all they need is the opportunity says Viwe Qegu the President of the Academy.

I am very thankful to the Soweto Rugby Club and the Lions Rugby Union for the initiative and opportunity. To me both teams in the final carry my vision to see black rugby players given an opportunity to showcase their talent in South Africa.
We firmly believe that the Soweto Rugby Tournament is a worthwhile programme which is of great benefit to the talented rugby youth of our country,” Qegu believes.

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