# Taking it beyond the line

development site program

Development Site concept

Our Development sites are a breeding ground for the Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy. This is where the Academy sets up a program that is holistic in order to ensure all relevant stakeholders, schools and communities work together for the grooming of the future Academy candidates. This is the main feeder of the National program, the Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy. This is a process where there is a Planning, Design, and Development & Implementation of a holistic program for the development of young rugby players in each site. This program integrates , all stakeholders where possible i.e Schools, Communities, Government, other NGO’s and Private Sector. 

The program also includes:

School's Identification Program

Registration of Candidates

Capacity building program for parents and candidates

Skills development both social and life skills

mass participation

talent identification

welfare program (Nutrition)

evaluation and monitoring

sustainability program